Hi, I'm Steven.

I'm a student at Dartmouth.

Currently interning at

Here's some of the stuff I do.

Haberdash is a student marketplace for Dartmouth built with Meteor, React, and a focus on the peculiar economic situations surrounding supply and demand on college campuses. Universities feature multiple generations of students requiring the same textbooks, furniture, or gear over and over again. The primary barrier to achieving a sustainable ecosystem of reusable goods is lack of market information; haberdash seeks to rectify that and in doing so, make college more affordable and sustainable.

I’m building the avionics for Dartmouth Aerospace Engineering’s first-ever entry into the Spaceport America Cup. The flight computer will be responsible for collecting data, calculating apogee, telemetrics, and triggering parachute charges for our hybrid-engine rocket. I also built our website as well as the site for the Inter-Ivy Space Coalition. Stack: C, Arduino, Nitrous Oxide


I launched Last Chances for a few weeks at the end of Sophomore Summer as a fun way to end an iconic Dartmouth experience. Over its run, 97% of sophomores signed up (1,090 out of 1,116) with 324 weekly active users. It allows students to sign in with their Dartmouth credentials and crush on other students. If the crush is mutual, sparks fly and both students end up in the other's matches. Students are represented as nodes in a graph, where a bidirectional crush represents a match. I built the site in a few nights with Node.js.